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Dr. Angela Speaks

Where Leadership Growth and Development Begins

Take the first step toward corporate success. You can prepare for top managerial roles in any field using the knowledge that Dr. Angela Anderson eagerly shares. At Dr. Angela Speaks, we travel all around the world and talk to business leaders about:

  • Communication
  • Culture
  • Influence
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Personal Growth
  • Team Dynamics

Dr. Angela Anderson

Leadership Trainer/Speaker

Dr. Angela Anderson is a leadership and organizational expert. She is a #1 international best selling author, internationally certified executive advisor, speaker, and trainer. Dr. Anderson is also certified by the John C. Maxwell Team. This group specializes in providing training around the world on topics such as leadership, influence, motivation, team dynamics, and much more.

Dr. Anderson trains groups within the business, educational, non-profit, and healthcare fields. The goal is to empower others to improve, increase productivity, and operate at maximum potential.

Before becoming a partner of the John C. Maxwell Group, Dr. Anderson spent years gaining experience in multiple fields by working with businesses and educational institutions. It was through these experiences that Dr. Anderson honed her skills as a speaker, trainer, and executive advisor. 

She began as a therapist in the mental health field, ultimately serving as Director of Clinical Services for a local hospital. She went on to serve as a Clinical Assessor for another hospital. 

An unexpected opportunity led to Dr. Anderson’s current passion when she took an opportunity at Verizon. While she worked there, Dr. Anderson was promoted twice in a span of two years. During her tenure, she was honored with the President’s Award of Excellence, the Star Promoter Award, and a personal commendation from the company CEO for her role in customer satisfaction and performance.

She was then given the opportunity to organize and facilitate a leadership development program for frontline employees at the company. The program in other regions of the country had a 40% completion rate and she was charged with the successful implementation of the program in her region.

Dr. Anderson graduated all but one student, due to their relocation, in her course and 65% of her students were promoted either during the 8-month program (or within six months of completion). 

Many of her students have gone on to become leaders within the company, other companies, or independent business owners. They still credit Dr. Anderson with having a significant impact on their success. It was then that Dr. Anderson knew that one of her missions in life was to help others maximize their potential and leadership abilities. 

Dr. Anderson progressed from an employee of Verizon to securing Verizon as one of her clients. She has worked with United Way and also served as the keynote speaker for an event sponsored by Caesars Entertainment Corp.

Together with international author and speaker Lisa Nichols, she spoke at the Speak and Write 2017 conference. Dr. Anderson's message was heard via Livestream in 42 countries worldwide. She was recently called in to serve as an expert observer for Novartis, the number two pharmaceutical company in the world, in preparation for her work there.

Dr. Anderson graduated from Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology. She received a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After this, Dr. Anderson completed her doctoral work in Management and Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona.

In addition, Dr. Anderson remains involved in numerous organizations. She currently serves as President of the Woodland Presbyterian School Parent Organization. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and founder of a women’s group in her city, Women of Vision Memphis.

The goal of the group is to provide networking opportunities and support for professional women. She released her #1 international best selling book Now What?! Get Over Yourself and Move! The book provides tools that help individuals move ahead powerfully, purposefully and effectively in life. Listen as Dr. Angela is interviewed about her book on Thriving Entrepreneur! The title of the show is The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Angela and Robin.

Please follow this link to the show.

Dr. Anderson is committed to the community and reflects a spirit of servant leadership. When she observed the need for a positive message and healing in her city, she co-organized an initiative called Free Hugs Memphis. This is made up of a group of citizens attending local events and sharing a message of encouragement and hope. She serves as a mentor for several young women who are striving to become future leaders.

To college and doctoral students, she serves as a personal coach. Dr. Anderson is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., a national public service organization of college-educated women. Dr. Anderson enjoys traveling the world, reading, and helping others live their best lives. She continues to demonstrate an innate ability to encourage, inspire, and lead. Remaining true to who she is as a person committed to empowering others, she is a mother, wife, author, speaker, trainer, mentor, humanitarian, executive advisor, and community volunteer.

Our Company

Suite of Services

Dr. Anderson provides a suite of services that consist of a customized solution to her clients. The need of the client is the primary focus. After an initial consultation, Dr. Anderson applies the information from her clients to her formula and produces a client specific solution. The following is a list of the services that Dr. Anderson has successfully implemented.

Executive Advisor

Executive advising is an ongoing conversation where Dr. Anderson provides encouragement, guidance, and honest feedback as clients pursue their personal and professional goals. It is fully expected for the client to grow their business by attaining their goals.

In today’s competitive environment, some of the most successful business leaders have experienced tremendous benefits from having an executive advisor. Results have included increased revenue and productivity, career advancement, higher employee retention, and the development of more effective business strategies. The client defines the agenda. Results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions the client takes. 

Clients are expected to and have experienced measurable returns on investment, increased productivity, and up to 200% revenue growth. Dr. Anderson’s responsibility is to provide content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback. The client’s responsibility is to move from awareness to action and accountability. Executive advising with Dr. Anderson provides many structures for clients to meet individual and organizational goals.

The objectives of advising include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding an objective and supportive third party to your leadership team
  • Increasing accountability of your personal and professional goals
  • Being a sounding board and creating a team atmosphere
  • Mentoring and sharing best practices from organizations
  • Supporting growth past your limiting beliefs
  • Resolving conflicts and developing relationships
  • Preventing problems and avoiding expensive, time-consuming, or embarrassing actions
  • Improving specific skills related to your role, such as:
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Effectiveness
  • Managerial Skills
  • Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Reviewing strategic business decisions related but not limited to:
  • Customer Service
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Employee and Team Training

Dr. Anderson is available to organizations and individual clients for ongoing training. Most organizations retain Dr. Anderson as an ongoing resource for their leadership team and employees. Training sessions are conducted on-site at a predetermined venue agreed upon by Dr. Anderson and the client. There are multiple training options available to fulfill the client’s needs.

She is available for projects that range from one to two-hour, half-day, full-day, to consistent monthly training sessions. While the provided content is customized to meet the organizational need, Dr. Anderson’s clients receive training in areas that include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Communication
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Personal Development
  • Positive Team Dynamics

Dr. Anderson provides customized training content. As a John C. Maxwell Team partner, she is also certified to provide training content and materials from the world-renowned leadership expert.

Leadership and Organizational Comprehensive Observation

This service is one that Dr. Anderson has perfected through her experience as a clinical services director, sales manager/trainer, and leadership specialist. It offers a hands-on, detailed-oriented look inside a client’s organization. Clients retain Dr. Anderson to provide an inside view of the climate of their organization. 

Dr. Anderson is invited to attend leadership meetings, employee events, conferences, and major company events. In all these occasions, Dr. Anderson serves as an unbiased and private observer and offers her clients a real-time analysis of organizational successes and opportunities. This service provides leaders with information that employees may be hesitant to share. To provide this service, she conducts the following:

  • Company Culture Observation
  • Employee Interviews
  • Engagement /Leadership Response Feedback
  • On-the-Spot Coaching
  • Organizational Assessment

Dr. Anderson serves as a liaison between leaders and their teams. She is often able to assist in establishing a line of communication between executive leaders and their employees while reducing the issues that sometimes prevent effective communication including: 

  • Availability
  • Fear of Retaliation
  • Inability to Find Common Ground
  • Organizational Changes (in Leadership and Culture)

She completes her observation period by providing a detailed report that outlines successes and areas of opportunity for the organization. Her observations have assisted organizations in streamlining and improving their processes in the following areas:

  • Customer Service
  • Employee Relations
  • Incentive Programming
  • Organizational Culture
  • Training and Retention

This service is very useful to any organization seeking an unbiased, inside view of their organization. Companies committed to implementing practices that will facilitate and foster an environment of organizational success will benefit from this service.

Learn How to Create a Dynamic Team

By empowering your people, you improve efficiency, increase productivity, and achieve the full operating potential for your business. This allows you to create a growth-oriented corporate culture. Get in touch with us to learn more. We are eager to train your people.

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