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Dr. Angela Speaks


Choose J.O.Y!

Posted on 19 July, 2018 at 11:35
Recently, I shared a video on Facebook where I talked about the importance of choosing JOY and why it is important. I was reminded of an experience that happened to me earlier that week. The week was hectic and my schedule was overflowing. I looked down at my gas gauge in my car and noticed that my tank was half full. I continued on my way and decided that I would wait until another time to refuel. A few days later, in the middle of more schedule requirements, I noticed that my tank was now very close to empty and I needed to refuel immediately. At this particular moment, I found myself in an area of the city that I was unfamiliar with, but I had no choice but to stop. I got out of my car and proceeded to fuel my tank. I noticed a sign on the gas pump that indicated that regular gas was the only type of fuel available. I normally fill my car with premium gas, but in this instance, regular was the only option and I had to take it. This experience taught me a number of lessons about choosing JOY! 1. Choose J.O.Y because it is Just On You! We are responsible for keeping our tanks full and not allowing ourselves to become depleted. 2. If you delay filling your emotional tank, you may put yourself in territory that is unfamiliar to you such as fatigue, anger, depression, etc. 3. If you are not proactive about choosing J.O.Y, you may put yourself in a situation where your options are limited and you have to accept whatever others are willing to offer you. Earlier in the week I mentioned to my husband that I needed gas and he also intended to fill the tank for me but time got away from both of us. The lesson... Even when our friends and family have the best intentions in helping us to fill out tanks, the responsibility still falls on US. Joy belongs to YOU and you must maintain it! Choose to operate in FULL JOY! J.O.Y takeaways: Keep your tank full! Do not deplete yourself and find yourself in situations that are unfamiliar. Fill your own tank so you are not forced to settle for what others are willing to offer you. A full tank will allow you to have options that an empty one will not. Empty tanks may force you to settle for the basic things in life, when you deserve the premium things! CHOOSE JOY!!! Dr. Angela

Categories: Instant Inspiration

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