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Dr. Angela Speaks

Now What?! Bundle

$39.00 $57.00

Bundle Includes:

Dr Angela's Book: In this short read, “Now What?! Get O.V.E.R. Yourself and M.O.V.E.”, by Dr. Angela Anderson, you will find ways to reach your personal goals with easy to remember motivational steps to ensure success. You'll find yourself changing your mindset to fit your new lifestyle as you put in the effort.

Guided Video Course: Created to help you move out of places in your life where you are no longer moving forward. The guided video course will help you discover the role you plan in your success, learn the necessary actionable steps to shift you into success and commit to your actions.

Guided Worksheet: Designed to help you discover wht you are most passinate about, develop actions that will take you toward success, discover the tools and resources you will use to get there and things to develop in your personal life to avoid set backs.

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