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Dr. Angela Speaks

Lead. Inspire. Work. Succeed.

Discover the significance of the ideas that #1 international best-selling author Dr. Angela Anderson uses to motivate every business leader. She holds a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership and Management. Channel her vast knowledge and experience in business management and clinical psychology.

Takeaways for Business Owners and Managers

Pick up valuable pointers from an internationally certified speaker, trainer, and leadership expert for the John C. Maxwell Team. Dr. Angela covers topics about leadership, motivation, goal setting, personal branding, and team dynamics.

Dr. Angela also travels around the world discussing her #1 international best-selling book Now What?! Get OVER Yourself and MOVE! If your team needs proven strategies that will inspire them and drive them toward success, the time is NOW!

To book Dr. Angela for speaking engagements, please call or email for availability.

Mission Statement

Our mission and purpose are to guide individuals and organizations on the journey to maximizing their full potential through solution-focused actions and a positive mindset.

Vision Statement

Excellence and integrity are the foundations of everything we do. We believe that personal and organizational success can be magnified when individuals are provided with opportunities to discover and develop their talents and skills.

Every person has the potential to be successful if they are lifelong learners and willing to do the work. We are committed to serving our clients in a manner that encourages them to move into action and reach their goals.

Our company honors clients by providing a customized experience. We provide the personal/professional growth tools and services necessary to reach maximum performance.

Executive Advising and Training

Dr. Angela accepts requests for executive advising services. Training programs for company managers are also available. Call or email us for inquiries.

Meet Dr. Angela